Scale Matters Video by NCGE

Read here about a video by the NCGE and how it relates to the general study of superscale surveys.


Scale Matters is the title of the 4th of 12 videos focused on "What is Geography?" from 2011 National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) President Joseph Kerski. This video describes what scale is, why it is important in geography, the types of scale geographers consider, how to teach about scale, and examples of how to think about scale in the field and in everyday life. It is 21:40 minutes long.

In Geographic analysis, as taught by the NCGE, identifies these kinds of scale:
  • cartographic scale, size of features on a map relative to the real world;
  • analysis scale is the size of the unit, watershed vs neighborhood,
  • phenomenon scale (Montello). These are inter-related.


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