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"An Exercise in Exponential and Network Thinking", or "This Is Frank" is the title of a two-minute video by Victor Grigas. Credits: Victor Grigas, Aislinn Dewey, Honeyleen Hodges, Adam Geremia, Kevin and Claire Bain.

The film ranges over many types of scales including length, corporate heirarchy, time and more. It won the Core77 "Powers of Ten" Challenge in 2010.

About the video

Grigas wrote:

This story illustrates the macro and micro connections we all have via Frank, a 35 yr old Chicagoan. Told by a high school professor, aiming to help people understand exponential and network thinking, this is the story of Frank. Frank is a 35 year-old man living in the suburbs of Chicago in 1978. His story is a common one that helps illustrate the macro and micro connections we all have as human beings on planet earth. The seemingly ordered connections Frank has in his life are questioned as something disrupts the order of things - leaving us all to ponder how linear connections are. What role does chaos and fate play in determining how we connect to people, places and things in this world?

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