Read here about the horizon as it is understood in scale studies, being the limit of our ability to resolve phenomena and the unresolvable domains that lie beyond.


The horizon is defined as imperceptible, irresolvable phenomena: those events that are too fast, too slow, too large or too small to be perceived by any instrumentation known to humankind.

The horizon may also be referred to as the void, the irresolvable, the unknown, the null.


On a scalometer, the position of origin is in opposition with the position of the horizon. In this sense, origin is the normal case of the scale, whereas the horizon is those events that are not resolvable. There are two limit cases of horizon, the micro- and macro-.

One Horizon Or Two?

Are there two horizons, or just one? Is there a nexus, or connection, between the two extremes?

See ouroboros, symmetry.